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Tomorrow may never come
Families...the place for Love to grow.  Kids, they are Love's sponge!  Give them all you have.  They will return it with interest!

Thank you for visiting.  Families and Parenting are special to me.  I will attempt to share the wisdom others have shared with me over the years so that more may benefit...especially the kids.  They rock!

Michael J. Luley, M.Ed, LPC/QSAP

       Please take time to enjoy this...
                  God’s Account

When you were born, God opened an account for you. Each time you make a deposit He matches it with a hundred times more. He wanted you to live and retire extraordinarily well off. Even if you only place small deposits, with God’s help you will amass a fortune. When your deposits are large and regular just imagine how large your account will become.

So, remember your account with God. Deposit all the kindness, gratefulness and Love you can muster. God will ensure you never run into arrears. 

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           Miracles, Joy & Love

Thanks again.

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