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Tomorrow may never come

Having worked for the Missouri Department of Corrections for the past 8 years I have seen one real opportunity........the need to reduce recidivism.  I have gained approval from AA World Services to use the 12 Step format for a program of recovery designed to meet this need directly.  I have included the steps here.  Please forward any questions that develop to me directly: 


Recovery from Criminalism:
The Steps
1) I admit I am prone to criminal behavior and my history is full of examples.

2) I came to believe I could learn to make different choices and that I would need to practice what I learn with the support of others.

3) I made a decision to turn my life around by relying on the support of all those seeking to help me shed my criminal thinking and behavior.

4) I made a searching and fearless list of all my successes and failures.

5) I submitted this list to my sponsor and support team accepting their feedback.

6) I became ready to learn, accept and implement new behavior into my life.

7) I humbly asked for help and guidance with my choices for the future.

8) I made a list of all persons I had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.

9) I made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would further harm them or others including myself.

10) I continue to take a daily inventory of my actions and promptly admit when I make a mistake or poor choice.

11) I continue to seek support to improve my life and choices by attending all support meetings and maintaining a relationship with my sponsor.

12) Having personally seen the positive results these new changes have made in my life, I take actions to help others like me who are entering this program.

Copyright 2005 Michael J Luley, M.Ed., LPC, QSAP. All rights reserved.
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